Work Space

Desk at Work Decoration

desk at work pic

This week for my blog I took yall outside of my apartment. This is my desk at work. What fun I know, LOL! But I tried to revamp this work space and make it functional and slightly attractive at the same time. Even though unfortunately my view is of a wall I tried to use cork board to keep all of my important paperwork on for organizational purposes. I also love my framed marker board I literally found it in the shed at work and tried to make it more appealing with cute magnets and printed items. My favorite part of my desk is my neon yellow cup holder that I got at TJ Maxx for a couple bucks and the acrylic paper tray that I found at Office Depot.

Though my work space may not be the cutest ever it is very functional and user friendly for if I ever need to leave myself a reminder on the marker board or hang an important paper that I don’t need to forget about.


Christmas Time

Christmas Tree Decorating

christmas tree pic


Christmas time to me is the easiest season to decorate for! I’ve never really put up much for Halloween or fall, but when it comes to Christmas decorating I absolutely love it. Putting up a tree to me makes a living room so much warmer and more inviting during the holiday season.

For me personally I prefer a flocked Christmas tree simply because I love decorating with white colors. A flocked tree gives off that lighter color scheme and a bit of true Christmas feeling due to the “snow” impersonating white fluff on the tree.

When it comes to ornaments I just find cheap bright colored ones that I feel like reflect my interests in color and textures. I have some wooden ornaments on there and also the star at the top is just a wooden star that I secured in the tree.

I love seeing everyone’s Christmas trees because I feel like the way you decorate your Christmas tree is a true reflection of your decorating interest and what colors and patterns you like and prefer. Comment below if you have your Christmas tree up yet!!

Coffee Table DIY

DIY Project 5
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This was one of the harder DIY projects I have done recently. First of all I found this coffee table for ten dollars at a garage sale. It was a completely different color, it had a light wood color to it where the white is at. So, I decided to paint it a pure white color. Next, the metal bars were dinged and bruised up a bit so I touched them up with black paint. I say that this has been my hardest DIY project, but really this project wasn’t even hard. It was just the most I had had to paint for any of my projects.

On top of my fireplace I added some wood slab holders for the remote controls and drink coasters. Next I had to add this fun colorful magazine with the bright blue scarf that I love. And lastly the golden star piece I added for the holiday season.

I really love this coffee table, not only because it was only ten dollars but also because it has two layers I guess you could say. A lot of times I will wall up a fuzzy blanket and place it on the bottom shelf. It makes the table more warm, inviting, and functional.

Night Stand Decoration

Wire Board #2

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This is one of my favorite spots I have decorated. Mainly because I searched and searched for a while for a night stand until I felt like I found the perfect one that I could be completely satisfied with! I found this dime piece at TJ Maxx. I feel like not many people use a cabinet as a night stand, but often most use pieces with drawers. I however chose a cabinet because the shelves on the inside are the perfect place to line up all my books. I also love the warm grey color and wooden texture of my nightstand it makes it feel inviting.

Also in this picture you will see another one of the wire boards that I showed in my previous blog post. I found the wire board itself at Home Depot or Lowe’s one of the two. It is actually what people use to lay concrete. All I did was cut the board into the size I wanted it to be using wire cutters and then spray painted it white.

To accent the board I found clips, hooks, and magnets. I like to decorate the board using pictures and other items such as scarves, necklaces, and nick-knack key chains and pendants.

DIY Wine Rack

DIY Project 4

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This is probably the DIY project that I get the most compliments on that I’ve done so far. Even though this project started out stressful it slowly came together and I realized I had been over thinking it the whole time. Haha, of course!

Basically all I did for this project was buy the triangle shelf at Target in the dollar section. Next I painted it black with a couple of coats of paint. Then I purchased the leather at Walmart in the Fabric section. The silver pins came from Home Depot but I’m pretty sure you can find them just about anywhere. It’s basically just a short decorative nail.

Really all I did was cut the strips of leather to fit the width of the triangle shelf and made them long enough to fit around each wine bottle. Next I just put the leather on the board where I wanted it and nailed away. Three decorative nails on each side of the shelf. That’s all it took!

I’m not one for measuring things or making them perfect, I usually just do what feels right by eyeballing it and hope for the best haha!

Cow Head Decoration

Dark Colors

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This decoration is in my kitchen. I got this cow head from Target and I feel like it’s just so good for this area because it fits perfectly on this wall. I also made these two black boxes. I got them also at target in the dollar section then I just painted them black. I still don’t know if I’m crazy about what I put inside of them but for now I just chose to display these items here. I really like following a neutral or black and white theme and then adding in pops of color here and there throughout. I also love having the cow head in the kitchen because I feel like cows are kitchen themed.

Movie Shelf

Easy Organization

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If you’re anything like me, you have a gazillion movies. Over the years of accumulating chick flicks there comes a point when you don’t know where to put them all. I hate stuffing mine in drawers because every time I want to watch one I have to drag them all out of the drawer just to choose. So I decided to make it easy and just display mine. I have them also displayed on my actual t.v. console shelves, but I needed more room so I used a shelf on the wall above t.v. as well. This was very easy, just barn wood that I painted white and used corner panels to screw it to wall with nails. I also am a huge fan of book ends, whether it be for books or movies I just think they’re the cutest. Now I always have easy access to my movies.

Decorating with Warm Colors

Seasonal Decorating

Decorating with warm colors can make any house feel like a home. As cliche as that sounds, I’ve learned that it’s true. What I typically like to do is use lighter color schemes for accent pieces (throw pillows and throw blankets)on my bed during the summer and spring seasons. Then during the fall and winter season I use warmer colors. The burgundy fuzzy pillow was a new purchase from TJ maxx the other day to warm up my bedroom for the hopefully upcoming cooler weather. I also am obsessed with candles so I added a fall scented candle to the tray on the end of my bed for this season. If you can learn anything about me it is that I can always and will always talk myself into buying throw pillows, blankets (usually grey as you can see) and candles. Those are the items that really come into use when trying to make your house a home. All you need is a couch, or bed, a good pillow, and soft fuzzy blanket and a warm candle to help take all of your stresses away.

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Hat Decoration

Decoration Made Easy

Well, as you can probably notice, I didn’t make anything in this display. But I did come up with the decoration ideas here. So this post is all about decorating yourself, and doing it your way! I love the thought of a professional decorator, and honestly if that could be my dream job one day I would never be happier. But we, at our young ages have no need for a professional decorator to come make up our small living spaces for one-five years of living time. And if your anything like me, I switch up, remodel, and redecorate A LOT.

So in this post my decoration I want to focus on is the hats. I love when people use fashion oriented items to decorate with. Kind of like bringing your closet outside of your closet with your most bold statement pieces. For me, I wanted to display my hats. I bought these from Forever 21 and thought there was no use in them gathering dust in my closet. Though this is so simple I love that I did it and made it my own, my way. I am looking to add more to this wall. Probably a seasonal fall hat or fedora will be my next addition.

I also was working with a small wall space between my television and window and the last thing I wanted to do was A either leave the wall empty or B junk the wall up. So I chose option C. Adding cute accessories!

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Bathroom Towel Hanger

DIY Project 3


This is such a fun DIY project that you can use in so many different areas of your house. For me, mine is in my bathroom. But don’t be afraid to do this in your  kitchen if you have a good wall space for it by your sink or wherever your little heart desires.

All I did was went to a craft store, I went to Hobby Lobby, and bought the big silver circle hook. Then I went to Walmart and bought the amount of leather in their fabric section that I needed for this. It was literally like a dollar I think. And leather online is expensive to buy! So yes, I love going the cheaper route on DIY’s. So basically all you have to do cut a strip of leather and hoop it through the metal circle then nail it to the wall…. SO EASY!

People are using leather strips these days to hang just about anything. I’m obsessed with it. I want to hang my paper towel roll using leather but don’t have a good space for it in my kitchen. But seriously just Pinterest “hanging things with leather,” you will be amazed.